Second cycle degree

Communication engineering

Double degree with universities of Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes and Grenoble

The degree programme

The course, offered exclusively in English, prepares highly qualified professional engineers with skills on the cutting edge of the Information and Communication technology (ICT) while, at the same time, providing the needed communicative abilities in a world of global competition.

This course offers the opportunity for students to follow a study path leading to a high level of specialization, taught by professors who are widely-recognised within the international scientific community.

Students shall have the chance to spend time studying, or developing their thesis, in internationally acclaimed environments. 100% of graduates, within a year of finishing their course, have found work – In fact, demand for graduates with this qualification is superior to the number of students available.

Thus, finding work will not be a problem for those who successfully complete this Master’s Degree – some may even find employment before finishing their course.

What are you going to learn?

  • Detection and estimation – 9 CFU
  • Information theory – 6 CFU
  • Antennas for wireless systems – 6 CFU
  • Communication fundamentals/network security – 9 CFU
  • Network performance – 6 CFU
  • From elective complementary courses – 12 CFU
  • From elective free courses – 12 CFU
  • Photonic devices – 9 CFU
  • Digital communications – 9 CFU
  • Wireless communications – 9 CFU
  • Optical communications – 9 CFU
  • Thesis and final examination – 24 CFU

12 CFU

  • Applied acoustics – 6 CFU
  • Machine learning for pattern recognition – 6 CFU
  • Financial and cost management – 9 CFU
  • Project management – 6 CFU
  • Ricerca operativa* – 9 CFU
  • ICT for health and well-being – 6 CFU
  • Advanced programming of mobile systems – 6 CFU
  • Power circuits and systems – 6 CFU
  • High-performance computing – 6 CFU
  • Nonlinear systems – 6 CFU
  • Identification and adaptive systems – 6 CFU
  • Optical networking – 6 CFU
  • Network information theory 6

* Course offered in Italian

12 CFU

  • Network information theory – 6 CFU
  • Internet of Things – 6 CFU
  • 5G Wireless Networks – 6 CFU

After graduation

There are many job opportunities for graduates, some of which will be with the most prestigious companies within the sector, some as freelance professionals, and others within Public Administrations.

This course offers the chance to be part of a key sector for the continuing development and growth of social wellbeing. Information and Communication Technology systems are everywhere and are constantly increasing in importance in managing the growing complexities of modern life.

You can be part of the technological revolution that’s happening around us right now knowing that the developments that will solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems will be in the hands of professionals just like you.

General information

  • Course held in English

  • Type of course and duration

    Two-year second cycle degree (Laurea magistrale)

  • Admission

    No admission test required.

    Foreign students must apply for admission through the course website.

  • Course code

    LM-27 Classe delle lauree magistrali in Ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni

  • Faculty advisor

    Prof. Alberto Bononi

  • Department

    Department of Engineering and Architecture – Parco Area delle Scienze, 181/A – Campus Universitario