Second cycle degree

Language sciences and cultural studies for special needs

The degree programme

It is a second-level degree in Linguistics (LM39-Linguistica). All the core subjects are taught in English, most of which provided in a blended mode, both on campus and online. The course aims to provide a thorough grounding and advanced linguistic and cultural competences in English and a second foreign language (including Italian as a FL/L2), and research skills in the field of Language Sciences and Cultural Studies. It devotes specific attention to aspects related to language learning and teaching, with particular reference to Special Educational Needs affecting communication and languages, such as developmental language disorders, learning disorders and sensory disabilities.

A strength of the course is the acquisition of competences in the field of inclusive language education. The course also allows students to develop basic skills in Instructional Design needed to work as editors or instructional designers. Such skills are combined with language education competences in traditional and e-learning modes. It is designed for candidates from different academic backgrounds. Students develop their professional and life skills in an international
environment, and are also encouraged to gain experience abroad taking advantage of a large number of opportunities.

What are you going to learn?

Core subjects

  • Academic writing – 3 CFU
  • Soft skills for language learners and teachers – 3 CFU
  • Cognitive linguistics – 6 CFU
  • Language learning, teaching and assessment – 6 CFU
  • Language education for special needs – 6 CFU
  • Neuroscience and language – 6 CFU
  • English language and literature – 12 CFU

Second language programme

  • A second language to be chosen among:
    • Langue française – 12 CFU
    • Lengua española – 12 CFU
    • Deutsche sprache – 12 CFU
    • Russkij jazyk – 12 CFU

Italian as a foreign language programme

  • A unit to be chosen among
    • Lingua italiana per stranieri – 12 CFU
    • Linguistica italiana e didattica della lingua – 12 CFU
    • Letteratura italiana contemporanea e teoria della letteratura – 12 CFU

Core subjects

  • English language and linguistics – 12 CFU
  • A unit to be chosen among:
    • Sign language linguistics – 6 CFU
    • Instructional design for language teaching and learning – 6 CFU
    • Intercultural communication – 6 CFU
    • Special needs education – 6 CFU

Second language programme

  • Langue française et littérature – 12 CFU
  • Lengua española y literatura – 12 CFU
  • Deutsche sprache und literatur – 12 CFU
  • Russkij jazyk i russkaja literatura – 12 CFU

Italian as a foreign language programme

  • Two units to be chosen among
    • Linguistica generale – 6 CFU
    • Didattica della letteratura italiana – 6 CFU
    • Geografia – 6 CFU
    • Intersemiotic italian studies – 6 CFU

Optative courses

  • One or more units to be chosen among all those offered – 12 CFU

Internship programme

  • Internship – 6 CFU

Final dissertation

  • Research methodology – 2 CFU
  • Dissertation – 16 CFU

After graduation

Graduates from the course are language experts who can operate with learners with special needs, both in education and in a variety of fields, such as publishing houses both traditional and digital, language testers, etc. They develop specific skills necessary to become foreign language teachers and researchers, in Italy and internationally, in one or more FL including Italian.

In addition, thanks to advanced language competences, together with deep knowledge in the areas of Cultural Studies and Educational Linguistics, graduates from the course have an innovative profile which makes them suitable to find employment also in international agencies, NGO’s etc.

General information

  • Course held in English

  • Type of course and duration

    Two-year second cycle degree (Laurea Magistrale)

  • Admission

    No admission test required

  • Degree code

    LM-39 Classe delle leuree magistrali in Linguistica

  • Career guidance

    Prof. Marco Mezzadri
    Prof. Michele Daloiso

  • Department

    Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries ( Via M. D’Azeglio, 85